THE ULTIMATE SELFIE - 3D figurines in Naples

Your First MOBILE 3D Mini Me Specialists

How great would it be to have a 3D figurine of your parents, your loved one, your grandchildren, or simply to freeze an important event literally in stone.  Our qualified team of image professionals pay attention to detail and are receptive to the unique needs of each client.


How it Works

A life-like model is made by using a combination of 3D scanning and printing technology to capture features.  You'll be amazed by the level of detail and how awesome it is to hold your "Mini Me" of yourself or your loved ones in the palm of your hand.

What to Expect

The process is simple, you will be scanned by our 3D specialist in less than a minute.  From there you simply choose the size and add a custom base and/or personalized accessory to compliment your Mini Me.  

We can provide card holders, golf bags, sporting equipment, Numerous makes/models of vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles or props complimenting your particular event

How great would it be to be your own Wedding Cake toppers!!!

Once you've finalized your accessories and selected your size, your personalized 3D Mini Me will arrive to your mailbox in about 4-6 weeks.   You will be nothing less than thrilled!